Muzzle Off Trials


Members of the QGBOTA have expressed interest in the availability of “Muzzle Off” trials.

Please find the following email communications with BrisGreys and RQ.

All parties seem favourable, however, when a reply has been received from QRIC we will advise and give members the updated situation.

Please read from the bottom.

Waiting on QRIC.

Thank you Adam.
I will let our members know you are on the case.
It seems odd that trial tracks other than Ipswich &a Brisbane are ok to do solo grabs. Especially as these clubs supplied this service incident free for years.

Stephen Lennon, QGBOTA President


Email from RQ to QRIC 5th April 20-17

Hi Stephen, hope you’re well.

Eliot’s asked that I review your email and respond to same.

In the first instance I’ve communicated with QRIC’s Ross Barnett regarding the matter, particularly the previous requests made by the BGRC. I have seen an internal email Ross sent to his stewards seeking their advice.

I expect to be speaking with QRIC about the matter – and will come back to you when I know more.
In the meantime, happy to discuss at any time.

Regards, Adam.

Adam Wallish, Greyhound Development Manager

Email to QR from QGBOTA 3APR2017


the QGBOTA has received numerous enquiries concerning “muzzle off” trials.
During a meeting last November with yourself and then QGBOTA president Brenton Wilson, which I also attended, the matter of FOL and muzzle off trials were raised.
It was my understanding from that meeting that you personally were not against this.
From a training perspective, allowing young dogs the opportunity to “grab on” is an essential part of encouraging them to chase. This in turn, would lessen the amount of marring and failing to chase incidents, particularly in young dogs.
According to local rule 51(3)(b)- muzzle off trials can be performed with permission of stewards.

Members have approached stewards and are not getting an answer.
Zac Bryson from BGRC club has written to stewards on 24/11/16 and 28/02/17 and are still awaiting a reply.
Ipswich and Brisbane clubs are in favour.
All greyhound participants are in favour.

It is only in the past 2 years that muzzle off trials has ceased at these two tracks.
Trainers, particularly those on the northside, have to travel over two hours each way to use training tracks.
Could you please reply to this email, so that we can inform the members of RQ position on this?

Kind regards,
Stephen Lennon
President QGBOTA

Supportive Email from Brisgreys to QGBOTA

From: Zac Bryson
Date: 30 March 2017 7:23:49 am AEST
To: Christine Goodwin

Hi Christine,

As local rule 51(3)(b) clearly states a muzzle off trial may only be conducted with the approval of the stewards, unfortunately the BGRC cannot offer muzzle off trials at this point of time. The BGRC is supportive of muzzle of trails and have approached the stewards by way of written request on 24 November 2016 and 28 February 2017 and are still awaiting their advice.

Until such time we cannot conduct muzzle of trials as the club itself would be assisting trainers breach the rules.

I would respectfully recommended that the QGBOTA seek written approval from the stewards as well.

Kind Regards

Zac Bryson
Racing Services Manager
Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club Inc.

Email Enquiry from QGBOTA to Brisgreys

From: Christine Goodwin
Sent: Wednesday, 29 March 2017 4:26 PM
Subject: for Zac – Muzzle Off Trials

Good Afternoon Zac

This is just a follow up email from your discussions with Sid at the track this afternoon.

A member has enquired about Muzzle off trial activities for Albion Park as described in the Catching Pen Review, Part 5

5. Muzzle off trials
It is recommended that Greyhound Local Rule 51(3) be amended so as to make it clear that clubs may conduct muzzle off trials with the approval of RQL. However, RQL will impose a condition that such trials may only take place as single dog trials with the greyhound being caught by the trainer or a person employed directly by the trainer. Accordingly, LR51(3) should be amended to read:
(3) A person shall not permit a greyhound to take part in a trial unless:
a) it wears a muzzle of a type approved by Racing Queensland; or

b) the trial is a “muzzle off” trial conducted with the approval of the Stewards and in accordance with any conditions imposed by the Stewards.

We would like to request a written point of view of this activity, approval/denial, on this subject, and any clarification you can offer.

The QGBOTA would like to investigate this activity and how we can initiate its use as a valuable training tool.

Kind regards
Christine Goodwin
QGBOTA Secretary

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  1. I have since had communication from mr. wallish. Ross Barnett from qric has had advice from the qric vet, that there are issues.
    It is to be placed on the agenda for discussion at the next advisory panel meeting June 7th.
    Steve lennon

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