QRIC advice for State Gov. Breeding Law

Please find the following advice sent by QRIC via email 25May2016 2.45pm

QRIC planning to reduce the administrative burden for greyhound breeders


There are some important changes for dog breeders being introduced in Queensland that promote the responsible breeding of dogs.

The Queensland Government has established the new Queensland Dog Breeder Register to help authorities locate dog breeders and give dog buyers peace of mind when looking for a new dog.

QRIC is currently working with the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries to enable QRIC to become an approved entity for this legislation in order to reduce the administrative burden on licensed greyhound breeders in Queensland.

The Queensland Government is introducing the new laws that relate to every person who has a female dog with puppies born on or after 26 May 2017.

The package of new measures promote appropriate standards of animal welfare for all dogs.

When a breeder registers they will receive a unique identification number, this number is known as a Supply Number which must be included in the dogs’ microchip information and used for selling, supplying advertising or giving away a dog or puppy.

The laws require all breeders to register within 28 days of a litter being born, but our advice to greyhound breeders is to hold off on registering as we are hopeful of becoming an approved entity.

If the QRIC is successful in its application to become an approved entity, those greyhound breeders registered with QRIC will not be further required to apply through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to obtain a Supply Number.

If QRIC is an approved entity under the Act, it will allow greyhound breeders licensed by the QRIC to use their licence number as their Supply Number and will prevent them from having to make separate applications to separate agencies for a similar purpose.

We will keep you informed when a final decision has been made.

If you have any questions contact us on:licensing@qric.qld.gov.au

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