Easy Dept Agriculture and Fisheries Registration

As at today, May 26th 2017, it is a requirement that any breeder is registered with the Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) to obtain a supply number.

Once you have your “BIN000000000000” supply number it is only needed when you microchip your dogs, or move your dogs to another owner.  No other paperwork is required to be lodged.  The DAF do not require litter applications, whelping notices, or any other related paperwork.  You get your number and never talk to them again.

This can be completed easily either over the phone or online.  The following is a “how to” register online and it is pretty easy.  It is done in two steps.  One to create an account, and then register as a breeder.  Both steps only ask basic details, and the breeder part will already accept your address from step 1.

QRIC have made their statement of intention, the decision making process is left to you as an individual breeder to a comply with the state law.  Should QRIC be successful in their application, the obtained supply number can be cancelled at any time with the DAF.

DAF breeder Register

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