QGBOTA Committee Meeting 11Jun17

Please find the following minutes from today’s committee meeting.

Meeting held 10am 11 June 2017

Present : Stephen Lennon, Sidney Goodwin, Scott Buckland, Andrew Weise, John Watts (via speaker phone), Christine Goodwin

Apologies : Doug Gladman, Corey Mutton, John Browne

No previous committee meeting minutes to read.

The purpose of this meeting is to update and relay current information available.

  1. Attendance licence renewals have not been issued yet.  We are aware of the approaching deadline with expiry dates, please be patient. As more information becomes available we will advise.
  2. Logbook concerns have been raised, including a request that QRIC involve experienced Greyhound participants in the discussion/decision making process. We are waiting for more information on an outcome.
  3. Puppy Bond. The current survey is receiving a positive response, with many points of view being noted. The survey is due to close in the next few days to allow details to be submitted to Mr. Barnett by the requested time. A point of note is that the original “appearance” fee was reduced by $25 to cover welfare costs.  This estimates at approx. $1.2M per year, approx. $2.4M to date.  QRIC/RQ are responding in due course.
  4. U-Bet are pleased and confident with the Greyhound Code with a 7% annual growth, subsidising the Tri-code growth of 4%.
  5. Class 4 Tracks will experience a three month trial amalgamating some grades. The aim is to allow higher graded racers more opportunities to nominate. We all understand that the grading system can be difficult to understand, however flexibility and change will hopefully bring more nomination opportunities.
  6. A set of racing rugs, S/M/L, cost approximately $850.  A suggestion that the QGBOTA purchase a set of rugs with the logo, and website address, for each of the regional tracks.
  7. FOL appears to be a success by showing the numbers down for marring/failure to pursue, while injury number have remained the same. Options for an Ipswich trial is currently being explored.
  8. Townsville have asked for sponsorship with their Cup Carnival competitions. The committee feel this is something we can do to show confidence and support for the regional racing of North Queensland.
  9. It has been noticed that the RQ Stakeholder survey, sent via email by RQ, was not received by everyone.  The QGBOTA is unaware of how RQ/QRIC compiles its communication lists, however we will endeavour to forward any information to members.

Meeting closed 11.30am

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