RIP Canberra

The 29th of April 2018 marks a sad day for the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club.  Robust discussions, arguments, and points of view can rage on about politics impeding a preferred way of life. All of this will have zero effect on the one point that, Today, will be Canberra’s last race meeting. How do we … More RIP Canberra

Why is Levamisole Banned?

Levamisole is the key ingredient in Fido’s worming tablet commonly used due to its effectiveness and competitive pricing. However its just a worming tablet, so why is it specifically named as a prohibited substance in the Greyhound Australia Rules?

Weights & Scales

We all know the importance of a dogs race weight.  Under 30days and its one kilo either side of the last start. More than 30 and you get two kilo’s known as a “re-weigh”. This is one of the first things any new trainer needs to know from the beginning. However what are your rights … More Weights & Scales