Weights & Scales

Photo ACCUWEIGH; ferret.com.au

We all know the importance of a dogs race weight.  Under 30days and its one kilo either side of the last start. More than 30 and you get two kilo’s known as a “re-weigh”. This is one of the first things any new trainer needs to know from the beginning.

However what are your rights regarding those scales?  We posed several questions to BrisGreys who help clarify this mundane, but critical part of the kennel process.

All scales are owned and maintained by each club.  Each scale is calibrated by a certified professional and a written tag, or sticker, is placed on the equipment.  At any time, anyone can ask to see the certification.

All scales are checked and verified prior to the commencement of every kennelling procedure.  GAR 26(2) The club shall provide to the Stewards the number and size of verified check weights as prescribed by the controlling body.

If you are unsure and wish to question the scales you have the right to: GAR 38(8) At any time during kennelling, upon request by the handler of a greyhound competing in an event, the scales shall be checked by the Stewards with the check weights provided pursuant to Rule 26 (2). This includes discussing the potential interference that you believe may impede the operation of the scales. However be mindful that all decisions made by QRIC stewards are final.

If you have an additional enquiry that cannot be resolved in the immediate time frame, you have the right to lodge a written submission to either QRIC Stewards, or the club in question.  The topic and nature of the enquiry would depend on which avenue is best to take.

In the unlikely event that the scales fail to perform their function, QRIC Stewards will decide the best course of action, and all participants would be immediately notified.


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