RIP Canberra

RIP CGRCThe 29th of April 2018 marks a sad day for the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club.  Robust discussions, arguments, and points of view can rage on about politics impeding a preferred way of life. All of this will have zero effect on the one point that, Today, will be Canberra’s last race meeting.

How do we help our fellow Greyhound Participants who are now facing something so unbelievable? NSW received a supportive media following, with a convenient election. The ACT have received neither. Mark Parton MLA is the single elected official that has tried his best, but with no elections until 2020, the public have no choices.

Do we all turn to SKY1  and hopefully the ratings will prove our support? Will SKY1 even notice? Do we bet on the 12 programmed races, so the ACT State Government can continue to collect their share of the TAB revenue? Do we ask everyone we know to cease betting on the 12 races, so the same government can say “I told you its not popular”? It seems that everything we do is frustratingly not enough.

John DiehmJohn Diehm is one trainer who helped to raise the track and will now see its final event. John, like others in the ACT will continue to race their dogs in Goulburn under a temporary licence from May 6th. As for the rest of the country, we watch, we wait, and see what lessons can be learned for our own futures.

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