Courier Mail 5/8/18

Extremists Barking up wrong Tree

by Peter Gleeson


Animal liberationists and their allies won’t be satisfied until all racing has been scrapped and in the process rob tens of thousands of people of their livelihoods

YOU want pathetic? I’ll give you pathetic.

The triumvirate of mediocrity between the ABC, Fairfax and animal liberationists who constantly pile on the racing industry – greyhounds in particular – as they prosecute their arguments with false figures and no knowledge of the industry they are trying to close down.

Elite opportunists who can’t accept they lost. News flash guys. Former NSW premier Mike Baird reversed his decision on the NSW greyhound ban. Governments throughout the country – except for the ACT (nobody takes them seriously anyway) – are committed to the racing industry, so much so that in NSW they’re putting in extra cash to stage big races so that the industry can flourish.

Let it be guys. Join the singer Blondie’s crusade to save the bees. Open a vegan restaurant. Do something constructive with your time and energy. You lost. Racing is here to stay. Let’s grab the dictionary and define the word zealot. It’s a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

Animals Australia and the RSPCA fit into this category. They want to end the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing industries on welfare grounds and impose draconian animal husbandry methods on farmers.

Their guerrilla-like tactics are encouraged and fostered by the ABC, which then uses any video footage it can obtain – legal or illegal – to suggest those in the racing industry are animal haters. Animal activists use covert and at times illegal surveillance methods to further their cause. The courts frown upon illegally obtained evidence. In the animal activist world it would seem one of the cornerstones of our society – the rule of law – does not apply.

Greyhound racing in this country is undergoing sweeping reforms and change. The live-baiting scandal exposed the bad apples in the industry who have been banished.

They want the industry banned. If you apply their rationale, we’d ban motor cars because some people drive while stoned or drunk. We’d ban rugby league in this country because John Hopoate stuck his finger up some bloke’s bum. Why don’t we ban basketball because our Boomers got into a terrible stink in the Philippines. The racing industry is determined to clean up its act. But that’s not good enough for Animals Australia, the RSPCA and their mouthpieces of choice, Fairfax and the ABC.

They want to close racing altogether. They want to throw tens of thousands of people out of work and rob industry participants of their livelihood.

They want to rob country Australia of its cultural identity and an industry that binds people through its past and future. But what would I know?

I’ve only been going to the dogs for 50 years. I’ve only seen thousands of dog owners, trainers and participants and the way they look after their greyhounds.

Thankfully, the Palaszczuk Government didn’t blink when the live-baiting scandal emerged, despite strong pressure from animal activists. Now, greyhound racing in Queensland is surging ahead, with a new Brisbane headquarters to be announced soon.

When NSW banned greyhound racing, the government relied upon the findings of the McHugh report, which offered up nearly 100 recommendations aimed at reforming the industry. In certain parts, the McHugh report was flawed. It relied upon evidence provided by animal liberationists suggesting that up to 17,000 dogs annually were euthanised in NSW because they were not deemed fast enough to make it to the racetrack. Last year in NSW, there were only 3000 greyhounds actually born and 4000 were racing. This myth continues to be perpetuated by none other than the body which regulates greyhound racing in NSW.

There were only 3052 greyhounds whelped in NSW in 2016-17. What hope has greyhound racing got when the body that regulates it continues to use figures from a flawed report to substantiate decisions? It’s not just greyhounds that animal liberationists are targeting. They want to outlaw the whip in harness and thoroughbred racing and are well advanced in having jumps races outlawed. So-called “wastage’’ remains a festering sore for thoroughbreds and harness. And farmers are also at their mercy. Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce and the NSW government have considered stripping the charitable status of animal rights groups that trespass on farm land in attempts to expose animal mistreatment.

A common and effective tactic to catch out mistreatment of animals by farm industry bodies is for activists to trespass on farm land and undertake surveillance.

The attack on farmers, thoroughbreds, harness and greyhound industries has been a stitch-up, conspired by Left wing activists using flawed statistics to pump up their own self-aggrandisement.

They attack “real’’ Australians, the lifeblood of this country, who they look down upon from their ivory towers. Total, utter wankers. Now, that’s the definition of pathetic.

They want to rob country Australia of its cultural identity



4 thoughts on “Courier Mail 5/8/18

  1. Well written and about time the charity status was looked and tax payer fund ABC was held accountable

  2. Great article. Could have gone a lot further to out these wankers. How about the farmer they tried to prosecute for swearing at his sheep

  3. Bloody Beautiful. We now need some follow-up stories on a weekly basis, to ram it down these pathetic, one eyed, un-Australian oxygen thieves…..So the real Australians can see the truth about our sport & others similar, and the real truth about these looney-left individuals.

  4. When the wankers from PETA came out and publicly blamed the Australian farmers for the devastating drought that killing them and their stock it has shown the normal thinking public just how braindead and cultish these animal activists are .
    Thanks to Peter Gleeson for having the gumption to put this into print so the public can see exactly how away with the fairys and extremist these cults are.
    These groups won’t be happy untill the population are nonbathing, grasseating, nonworking ,living in treehouses idiot’s like most of them.

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