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History shows that when a track closes, it never reopens.
Cairns has a viable future, if promoted and managed correctly.  It is an important cog in the wheel for QLD greyhound racing.  We don’t have too many cogs left.

The antis are having a field day, touting this as further proof of a dying industry.

In reality, it is the lack of support from administrators. Greyhounds are the fastest growing code. They are the only profitable code. They are the code of choice by the young betting public.

We need to encourage new people in cairns and Townsville to take up training. There are many that wish to.  Let us all get behind Cairns. This club cannot close.  It needs support from all.

If Townsville think they can benefit from this , I believe that is short sighted.  Who’s next? Bundaberg? Rally behind your code.  Don’t leave it up to a few. Everyone that cares about our code should do the following.

Send emails to and your local minister.

Send emails to Stirling hinchcliffe, your racing minister. Minister for Local Government, Racing & Multicultural Affairs:

Keep all emails civil and to the point.  Let them know in numbers how you feel.

This is not over.


5 thoughts on “Cairns

  1. Sorry Billy. This is a very busy time of year and our apologies for not publishing your comments sooner. All comments and feedback are very important to the QGBOTA website.

  2. I remember a so called trainer teaching Group 1 winning trainers as recently as 2017, could not train a choko vine over a fence, cost $400 if I remember correctly.

  3. I’m not sure how we can encourage new owners as trainers in the Cairns area unfortunately because of sheer distance it is up to the locals to promote the industry. However as an industry we can certainly pound RQ and the State Government with phone calls and emails but don’t expect miracles. As for Bundy we never seem to have problems with moms so this excuse won’t wash. In fact any time there are higher stakes on offer Bundy could foil at least 12 races but they only have kennels for 10. RQ has done a lot to support Bundy but always with strings attached. If they would loosen up the purse strings a bit watch Bundy fly it has the potential to be the number 1 regional track in Australia

  4. I have been a owner and trainer for over a year at townsville , you won’t get any new trainers it’s to expensive to apply for a handlers licence and then over $700 to make your licencewhich most young people can’t afford , new comers don’t get enough support from racing Queensland and the course you have to do to make your licence is a joke , you learn jack shit ,there is no facilities for new trainers like a straight track to train on , and to go to a dog park is a hazard as there are holes dug by other dogs all over which cause a worry for breaking a hock or wrist , for small trainers who only have 1 or 2 dogs to travel 4.5 to 5 hours one way for $50 a dog is not worth it plus you have to take most of the day of work to get there in time and then turn around and go home there is no way I would travel that far and the fuel alone would be more sorry to say we need a lot more support from RQ and QRIC if they want to see a future racing in north Qld we need to have young people to replace the ones that will retire in the near future

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