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Please be advised that this scheme has now expired.



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The QGBOTA has recently been awarded a grant by the Qld State Government.
I take this opportunity to thank secretary Mrs. Christine Goodwin, for her hard work, persistence and perseverance.

Christine has been applying on our behalf for almost two years.
One of the biggest issues facing our code, is the lack of new trainers entering the industry.

QGBOTA has been trying to get authorities to recognize this shortfall and plan for the future.

The biggest issue in regional areas such as Cairns and Bundaberg is a lack of trainers.
If we don’t increase the numbers in these areas, these clubs will become unsustainable, and we will lose them forever.

The QGBOTA will use this grant to reimburse the RQ course fees for every potential new trainer.

We urge all of you, if you know of anyone who is even thinking of becoming a trainer, now or in the future, to take advantage of this offer and apply immediately.
If you wish to apply, please contact the secretary Mrs. Christine Goodwin.

Let’s get behind this, bring new faces in, and help safeguard our future.

Kind regards
Stephen Lennon
President QGBOTA


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  1. i would like to be registered for the next intake to become a trainer,is there a form i need to complete? thanks martin

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