GAR21A – how it can be an advantage

greyhounds australasiaGAR21A Consecutive Days’ Racing
A greyhound shall not be eligible to compete in more than one (1) Event over any consecutive two (2) day period, except that a greyhound may be permitted to compete in more than one (1) Event at a coursing meeting. (added – 01.08.18)

Most trainers are fully aware that it is against the rules to race twice in two days.
Obviously this rule is for the welfare of the animal, and is fully supported by industry participants.

However, are you aware that there is a loophole to “game” this rule to your advantage?
Example: Dog races at Ipswich on a Tuesday in a heat (any event), and qualifies for the final the following Tuesday.

It’s a pretty hot field, and you don’t give your dog much chance.

The trainer then nominates for Albion on Monday and is drawn, even though the dog is drawn for Tuesday.

The dog then competes on Monday, and is automatically scratched for the Tuesday meeting with no penalty.

This has been confirmed by RQ grading department.

My point is this: If the two races within 24 hours rule has been implemented, as a welfare measure, then surely RQ has a responsibility; a duty! To NOT accept nominations for dogs already drawn to race.

If this is not the case, then this loophole needs closing.

Stephen Lennon – QGBOTA President

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  1. be good if we could do what the horses do,nominate for 3 tracks on the one day 3 days in a row+scratch to suit themselves without penalty.Is it fair?

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