Sweepstakes 2016

EKKA 3Members,
Each year the Brisbane Exhibition gives us a chance, as an industry, to allow the public to see our beautiful animals.
We would like to thank all who took the time to take part, to exhibit their dogs, and attempt to interact with show goers.
I believe we had around thirty entrants, and all were presented in perfect condition.
To all the winners, congratulations.
A big thank you must also go out, once again, to Di O’Donnell. Every year she tirelessly gives up her time to help organize this event.
As I am told, there were apparently no speakers to hear when events were being called, and if it wasn’t for Di, some people would have missed out.
Di does this year on year, completely unpaid, as did the former photographer Rick.
The QGBOTA has many ideas and issues with the organization of this event, and believes it can be greatly improved.
We have attempted to engage with RQ for the past three years, however these appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

Brenton Scott has said he will listen. I will endeavour to make contact with our concerns soon.

If you have any issues you wish to be brought to Mr. Scotts attention, please email.

Stephen Lennon
President QGBOTA

2 thoughts on “Sweepstakes 2016

  1. Talking with Brenton Scott will be futile, his previous efforts equal complete fails I wonder who thought he would be different up here.

  2. I would also like to thank everyone involved in organising the Greyhound Sweepstakes at the EKKA, I was in Class 3 2nd to Sid Goodwin with Master Corsair. It was a long day for all competitors and our lovely and well presented dogs of all ages from pups to retired dogs all turned out good. Congratulations to all the competitors for attending and showing our lovely dogs and showing the public what fantastic animals Greyhounds are.

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