Advancing Industry Initiatives and Reforms

The QLD state Government released the Racing Governance and Industry Reforms in April 2019.  The QGBOTA highlights this document to participants now that several of the estimated time frames have expired.

The first copy of the document highlights specific areas that directly relate to the Greyhound Code and is available for download.  The second copy is a direct link to the source document on the QLD State Government Website.

The QGBOTA makes note of the following specifics to help understand the document in context with the current QLD Greyhound Racing Industry, and would be interested in the thoughts from its members.

  • Page 2 – Why are the Greyhound code increases dependent on the reform of the Thoroughbred code?
  • Item 2 – The Racing Minister needs to only attend one panel meeting per year.  To the best of the QGBOTA’s knowledge this has not yet occurred.
  • Item 3 – The QGBOTA is unsure what criteria is required to select the participants for their engagement.  The QGBOTA hopes to be considered for the “Code Specifics Meeting”
  • Item 5 – The Chase News August article has announced that the Greyhound Code indicate an 11% increase in Turnover and a 7% increase to revenue. This  exceeded the expectation of 6%.
  • Item 8 – If this was implemented, Cairns Greyhound decisions may have been reconsidered.
  • Item 9 – Any benefits from the Tabcorp merger are unsure due to the confidentiality of the agreements.
  • Item 14 – RQ’s recent infrastructure release does not meet this criteria. There has been no release from RQ to meet this directive at this time.
  • Item 16 – The QGBOTA eagerly awaits the release of the outcomes from the Albion Park discussions.  We would hope that the owners and trainers are represented as part of the “Other Key Industry Groups”.
  • Item 17 – The QGBOTA is unsure why this does not include stakeholders and participants as part of this import central focus to our industry.
  • Item 19 – The QGBOTA is cautious of this directive to include non racing experience, and may include those that do not have base level racing at heart.
  • Overall – The QGBOTA is unsure of what procedure is implemented when these time line targets are not met.


2019 Racing Governance and Industry Reforms Cover Page
PDF to Download
2019 Racing Governance and Industry Reforms Cover Page
Link to State Govt Website


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