Cairns Track Today 14 Oct 2019

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The Cairns Greyhound Track Calling Towner

Racing Queensland Annual Report 2018/2019 page 48

RQ Annual Report 18-19 page 48


Courier Mail 14-10-2019

Courier Mail 14/10/19aCourier Mail 14/10/19 B



3 thoughts on “Cairns Track Today 14 Oct 2019

  1. With regards to the Big Announcement to be made this week or whenever I’d would imagine it’s to do with the 3 tracks supposedly to be built at Yamanto .

    The current Qld Goverment makes announcements every week about one thing or another not too many ever amount to anything.
    The Qld greyhound industry is used to being promised one thing or another on a regular basis so that we all feel warm and fuzzy and excited about finally getting what the industry justly deserves but in the end its just talk .

    At the moment the industry is racing for excellent prizemoney which I’m sure the majority of participants are very grateful for , but it’s still short of what we should be receiving as per our Betting turnover compared to the other two codes .

    Finally as I get older , more grumpy and negative I will leave with two quotes (1) on construction sites we had the saying untill your Sitebox and Tools are their the job wasn’t happening (2) A quote from the great Australian movie “The Castle ” Darryl Kerrigan ” Tellem their dreaming ” .

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