QLD Rule changes and training your Dog

Racing Queensland have extended the consultation on current policies on registration of training facilities and the local rules that relate to them. The new closure date is Jan 24th, 2020.

What facilities does this effect?

The proposed rules are clear that a training facility is anything that is used for

  • Breaking in
  • Pre-training
  • Training, or
  • Trialing

What type of actual equipment does this cover?

As the QGBOTA was not involved in any of these discussions we are unclear on the specifics of the equipment. However, the QGBOTA can only list items that are used everyday for the the above, and urge you to assess if you either Own these items outright, or if you use these items owned by another trainer.

  • A Set of Boxes
  • A straight run, or free gallop area
  • Any run with timing availability
  • Bull Ring
  • A Lure, either mechanical, machine operated, or hand operated

The QGBOTA is unclear if the following general items used for training and Pre-training are also included. They have not been excluded from any of the proposed documentation.

  • Walker Machines
  • Hydro-baths
  • Therapy mats
  • Swimming pools and dams

This will effect you – Everything must be registered with someone

Your personal bull ring or straight – must be registered with QRIC

All bullrings, straight tracks, or free gallop runs will be registered with QRIC. This equipment is only to be personally used by yourself, and by dogs in your name.

QRIC will inspect, assess and approve your equipment for your use. It is unsure what requirements QRIC will require.

Your bull ring or straight that others use.

You can apply for a Category 2 Licence at a cost of $165.00 and meeting all the requirements. This includes an insurance policy with a $20,000,000 indemnity and naming Racing Queensland the principal indemnity or interested party on the policy.

You must hold a track operators licence which is obtained from QRIC.

You must list the maximum of three (3) other trainers who are eligible to use your facility.

Bull Ring or Straight track for use by more than 3 trainers.

This refers to any facility that is used by more than three specifically named trainers, regardless of financial, or non financial, arrangement.

This applies to any club owned, association owned, or group owned bull ring or Straight track.

You must apply to a full Category 1 licence.

  • A licence can only be issued to a specific person,
  • That person must hold a track operators licence with QRIC
  • The lure operator must hold a Lure Drivers licence,
  • The Track Operator must be present when the bull ring or straight track is in use.
  • Prove ownership of the property by title search

Clubs exempt from these new rules

Albion Park, Ipswich, Bundaberg, Townsville and Rockhampton are exempt from these changes, as they are issued licences to operate under the “Greyhound Racing Club Rules”.

No Grandfather Clause

Brenton Scott has made it clear that previous licences, agreements, or operations will cease immediately.  All facilities will need to apply for a licence under the new rules, or will be in breach of Queensland Greyhound Local Rules of Racing.

Direct all enquiries to Racing Queensland Grading or Greyhound Development Manager, Mr Brenton Scott.

Consultation closes on January 24th, 2020

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  1. I’m lost here how does this affect Chubb Street Glasshouse Lawnton Postman’s etc ?
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