Feb 2020 from the President

QGBOTA Presidents MessageMembers and participants,
As you will be aware, with the recent welcomed announcement of our new track, the expected antics from issue motivated groups opposed to racing has been initiated. As the track gains construction momentum this will continue to increase.
The QGBOTA has been in discussion with RQ’s various departments to find the best media solution to combat Issue motivated Groups. I wish to advise all, that in my opinion, RQ has this under control.
It would be unadvisable to confront any planned protests. These groups rely on media exposure to promote their cause, and altercations with pro racing groups, will only play into their hands.  Previous examples show innocent participants will always be shown in a poor light, let’s not give them any footage to call for monetary donations to their organisations.
Greyhound racing is a legal, welfare driven, highly regulated industry that the Queensland State Government acknowledges and brings multiple benefits to both state and the local communities.
I urge all participants to avoid attending any rallies or protests, as these radicals will never listen to true facts or take the time to respectfully engage with the industry. 

During the past weeks the QGOBTA have been in condensed discussions with RQ, QRIC and several Cabinet ministers who have pre prepared statements supporting the industry, and reiterating the commitment to build the Yamanto complex.

I ask that we don’t give the antis oxygen. Do not confront them. In this instance, I am willing to let RQ speak for the code, knowing that the QGBOTA has done everything possible to assist them.

Steve lennon

QGBOTA President

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