Do you need help?

QGBOTA Presidents MessageTo all racing participants,
The QGBOTA stands ready to support all involved in our great sport, members or not.
In these uncertain times, it remains to be seen, as to whether our racing continues.
This may lead to financial hardship for some owners and trainers.
Many participants live secluded lives, on properties in remote areas. This could give rise to problems if the health of the resident is affected. The greyhound fraternity are a proud and resilient bunch, and are usually reluctant to request help. If we are to continue as a viable entity, this mindset has to stop.
We can not allow the welfare of our animals be compromised. To do so would be to unwind all of the great work from industry since the dark days of 2015.
The QGBOTA ask that anyone, ANYONE, struggling to look after the animals, to contact us. If you don’t wish to utilise the services of QGBOTA, contact RQ.
It is imperative, that all greyhounds are cared for, and that the welfare of these hounds is forefront, in all decision making regarding their future.
The QGBOTA, QRIC, RQ and GCA are all here to help.
We do not know how long the current and possible future restrictions are going to be in place. If we are to survive post COVID19, then we must be able to proudly state, ” we love and care for our animals, not just when they are making money.”
If you are ill, or quarantined and cannot feed or look after your animals, please contact us.
The QGBOTA can help coordinate members to assist in providing:
  • Care for hounds with housebound handlers.
  •  Bringing feed.
  • Possibly handling dogs on race days.
  • Transporting dogs.
Whilst we would love to provide financial assistance, we are limited in that capacity. It is my opinion that RQ should be providing something along those lines. I call on RQ, QRIC and GCA to organize a committee with QGBOTA to formalize a “one stop” group to co-ordinate assistance for the participants needs.
We can get through this together. Look out for each other and stay safe.
Stephen Lennon
President QGBOTA

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