GRNSW needs to be rewarded for their efforts.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.37.17 amOn May 18th 2020, GRNSW launched their new version of “the dogs” website and it looks fantastic.

On your fist access an automated email will be sent to you. This is to confirm your details, and either update, or leave your password unchanged. It’s a way of getting you quickly registered with the new site with one easy click.

This new site has the same features, with a lot of added bonuses. An easy go to list of NSW feature races give a one click access to the details of each feature event, with a list of the previous winners.

Two major improvements are that races can be watched “live”, and Mark Duclos will be producing and presenting video race previews.

Mark Duclos and his team will delivery an analysis of all NSW venues. Well done to GRNSW for recruiting this well known icon into this readily available platform.

Delays for Queensland

Having said all this, it seems there may be issues with Queensland trainers accessing information for our races. At the moment only daily races are showing, and the “drop down calendar” option does not always appear to see all drawn events.

Scratchings can be accessed by selecting the “scratchings” tab, which shows a quick list, this can be expanded by clicking on the number for the full  details of that race.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 1.39.38 pm

Kennelling times are not yet available, however the IT department at GRNSW is working on this, along with other various issues as they arise.

GRNSW happy to take calls

The team at GRNSW acknowledge that this is a completely new system and that will come with individual problems. You can call them on 02 8324 7601, and the QGBOTA’s experience is that they are patient while working through your particular issue.

The old site still exists

GRNSW have no immediate plans to cancel the old site, which will continue into the new year, or until all issues have been resolved.

Give it a try

We encourage members to take a look through the new look site, and explore everything they have on offer.  You are just clicking buttons, if you get lost, just click on “the dogs” logo on the top left to get a restart back to the beginning.

So get clicking, printing, watching and exploring, it’s refreshing to see something dedicated to Greyhounds.

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  1. First positive sentiment about the new site I think it’s a huge backwards step but as long as the old site is available I won’t care.

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