‘Open’ Masters Proposal by RQ

Masters GreyhoundsRacing Queensland has contacted the QGBOTA for views on a new grading policy for Masters. Can members please leave comments on the website article for collation and return back to RQ. Comments are due by Friday 3rd of July 2020.

Masters Grading Industry Discussion Paper


Good morning Steve,

Please find attached a discussion paper regarding masters racing which has also been circulated to Queensland greyhound clubs.

Can I please request that you provide a response to this paper on behalf of the QGBOTA by COB Friday 3 July 2020. Further time may be provided if needed.

For the purposes of this exercise, RQ is looking for a specific response to the following questions:

    1. Should a limited number of masters races be programmed on a monthly basis?
    2. Should RQ consider further downgrading concessions for older greyhounds?

General feedback on masters racing may also be provided.


Doug Lutherborrow


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