QRIC Policy not available to participants

Classified DocumentsFurther to our post yesterday as a response to the Race Meeting Injury Scheme, the QGBOTA requested a copy of the QRIC Standard Operating Procedure relating to race day directives to on track veterinarians (and participants) by stewards.
This request was made to inform participants of possible action that could occur and arise as a result of this SOP.
This request has been refused by QRIC stating that “the document being marked as for internal use only”, and that we should contact the Queensland Freedom of Information Office.
The QGBOTA will now apply to the FOI for a copy of this SOP.
The QGBOTA believes that all Greyhound Owners, Trainers and Handlers should be fully informed of expectations placed onto them by QRIC staff at all times while on track and under QRIC authority.


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