The Silent Assassin

An experience with Clostridium & Giardia Have you ever wondered why your dog suddenly get sick with diarrhea or go “off” for no apparent reason? You’ve changed nothing to their regime but something hits them like a sledgehammer. It starts with one or two and before you know it, you are going through a nightmare. … More The Silent Assassin


The commissioner of QRIC announced in the August edition of the Chase News of “New raceday rules”. This flies in the face of the commissioners belief,¬†that those employed to uphold rules should not be tasked with making rules. The new “Rules” are not Greyhound Australasia or Racing Queensland rules. In fact, they are not rules … More RTI for QRIC SOP

Passing of an Ipswich Icon

The QGBOTA wishes the family of Lancelot Waldron its sincerest condolences. “Lance” as he was known to his mates, had a colourful life with his devoted wife (Joan) and family always at his side. Lance will always be remembered for giving Greyhounds every chance at a race track. Funeral details are not yet known

Emma Bryant RIP

It is with deep sadness that the QGBOTA shares the passing of Emma Bryant. Emma and her husband, Arthur, worked tirelessly for the Cairns Greyhound Club before its closure. ¬†Emma was a vocal advocate for Greyhound Racing in Northern Queensland and added strength to the industry. The QGBOTA sends the sincerest sympathy’s to the family, … More Emma Bryant RIP