Greyhound Industry Overview

Greyhound Industry Overview
Racing Clubs, Tracks, Trial Tracks Participants - Owners, Trainers, Breeders, Handlers QRIC State Treasurer control all Infrastructure investments Racing Queensland

Racing Clubs, Tracks, Trial Tracks

Industry will Cease if Clubs Close

Representation for industry is by invitation only by control body and Government.

Participants - Owners, Trainers, Breeders, Handlers

Industry will close if Participation ceases

Zero representation to Control Bodies.

Consultation with industry is at the discretion of Control bodies on an individual bases


Queensland Racing Integrity Commission

Industry will NOT close if QRIC ceases

Authority given via the Racing Integrity Act 2016

Operations managed by the Racing Minister

Finances managed via Dept of Fisheries and Agriculture

QRIC holds zero consultations with Participants

Penalty system only allows legal representation at discretion of presiding  QRIC staff. To take legal advise and remain quiet is a chargeable offence, historically punished by suspension or disqualifications.

QRIC staff are discouraged from holding personal betting accounts under employment conditions.

State Treasurer control all Infrastructure investments

Industry will NOT cease if treasury is removed from involvement.

Ubet/TAB wagering current agreements expire in 2060. New agreements have been signed for 2060-2090. These agreements place predetermined amounts be paid into the Racing Infrastructure Fund (RIF). These funds are all held, administered, and released by the state Treasurer. The Parklands compensation funds are held in this account.

The treasurer has the sole discretion has to when, how, and if, funds are released from the RIF.

Racing Queensland

Industry will NOT close if RQ is removed from its role.

Racing Queensland (RQ) is the state appointed racing control body under the Racing Act 2002. The Racing minister has no influence over the day to day affairs of RQ.

RQ  consults industry by individual invitation only. Any discussions are only advisements to the Racing Queensland Board, who are not obligated to act on any actions presented.

RQ create the Local Rules of Greyhound Racing. Consultation is not required for any creation or changes of the local rules. RQ endorse the full use of the National Greyhound Rules.

National Greyhound Rules are created by Greyhounds Australasia (GA). GA is a closed membership body with no participant representation. Membership is restricted to each state control body.

QRIC enforce and prosecute both National and Local rules of Greyhound Racing.

Grading is administered by RQ, despite the MacSporran report recommending that grading be moved to QRIC.

RQ employees are allowed to hold personal betting accounts.