• President – Stephen Lennon
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Track Manager – Kerry Myers

We welcome any members who wish to join the committee.

Lawnton Trial Track

  • Trial Bookings,
  • Lawnton Track Manager – Mr Kerry Myers 0433 963 763

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The Queensland Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association is registered in QLD under organisation number IA00476.


The QGBOTA mission statement starts with, best practice in promotion, providing a high standard of service to its members, and all other participants in the industry, to the very best of our ability. The association is incorporated in Queensland, affiliated with the National/State GBOTA’s, joining all states of Australia. Further it is registered with the controlling body in Queensland as the representative body for breeders, owners and trainers in this state. The Association as a recognised body within the greyhound racing industry, represents its membership and the industry as a whole, at meetings with other parties associated with greyhound racing in Queensland and interstate.

Grass and sand straight trial tracks at Lawnton. The site has the services of a muscle man who is in attendance one morning a week to help members with the many injuries greyhound’s sustain. To minimise disruption and inconvenience to members, has trained volunteer lure drivers on call on to operate the drag lure for trialling should there be a problem.

The Associations goals are to provide assistance to the many greyhound people associated with the industry, by working with our members, and invite the broader greyhound industry to join with us, to achieve a very high standard of service, and in turn share the gains made from these activities with all industry participants.


Available on request to members

By Laws Added

“meeting” clarification 3rd Feb 2018 at the General Meeting

The secretary wishes to propose a clarification by-law. That the word meeting is defined as a an assembly of two or more people for a particular purpose or agree on a course of action, also known as a Gathering, assembly, conference, congregation, convention, summit, forum, conclave, council and get-together; and can be conducted using the following, email, voice phone, video link up, or face to face, so long as a documented, video, or voice recording is kept. 2nd Kevin Ellis, All in Favour.

Owner Only Membership 5th Dec 2017 To the Committee
In response to the Owner Only membership (full details below) the proposal has passed
Yes: 6 – No: 0 – Abstain/No Reply: 5
I will make up Specific Membership forms for this purpose and will start to distribute at Ipswich, via website, email’s. I will also ask Luke Gatehouse for permission to distribute them at Albion Park.
I thank you for your time
Christine Goodwin
QGBOTA Secretary
Proposal: To introduce a bi-law for Ownership Only membership ‘That an owner be able to apply for a discounted yearly membership called “owners only” for $5.00’
Reason – This is not about revenue raising, but with the sole intent to increase our membership numbers to assist when making industry demands, and requests.
Logistics – We do not need to change our constitution as this would be listed as a bi-law, which is acceptable under the Office of Fair Trading requirements. This bi-law may be ongoing, have an expiry date, or be in place until voted as redundant/cancelled.
Confidentiality – We can assure trainers that the “owner only” details be kept confidential to avoid poaching concerns.
I can make up a separate membership form that has contact options, Never contact, contact only on initial membership, contact only through trainer, full and open contact.