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Becoming an owner and creating a syndicate

Having a shared interest in a dog can be a lot of fun. Application forms are lodged with the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) and the links below will help. QRIC cannot transfer details between codes, and equine ownership/syndicate’s cannot own a Greyhound.

Buying a Greyhound

Purchasing a Greyhound can be done in may ways.

  • Facebook have a lot of buy/sell greyhound pages
  • Meet trainers at tracks and discuss options
  • Ipswich Puppy Auction. This is a yearly event that also allows for you to meet the breeder and you can discuss training options with them at the same time

Transfer of Greyhound ownership is on application to QRIC. It is also suggested that a trainer agreement is completed. Don’t forget to complete the forms to Racing Queensland Accounts department so you receive all prize money’s and bonuses.


Keeping Track of your Racing Greyhoundthe

The dogs website is an industry reference and resource for the Greyhound Industry in Queensland. allows you to black book your dogs and will send you notifications and reminders about when your Greyhounds are racing.


Finding a Trainer

In Queensland this can be difficult due to the low numbers of registered trainers. A suggestions is to meet with trainers and handlers by visiting Race Tracks. This discussion will depend on age and the stage of training of each greyhound. Trainer fees should be a clear point of your discussions.




Want to do more? – Present, Box and Catch

Becoming a handler, or attendant, allows you to physically put hands on your Greyhound. This is a licence to present your dog to the track, Box your dog at the start of the race, and catch at the end of the race. It is a simple application, quick written test, and practical test with a Greyhound.

This does not have authority to train a Greyhound. You must hold a handlers licence for no less than 6 months prior to applying for a Trainers licence.

Boxing dogs


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