Trainer Alerts and Warnings

We will do our best to highlight area’s of concern.  


For those who jump the border every now and then, NSW has issued the following policy.  (ref

GRNSW has a Hot Weather Policy relating to greyhound racing in hot weather conditions.

This was developed to assist clubs and participants to ensure that greyhounds are properly cared for in circumstances of hot weather conditions.

The policy also outlines when a greyhound can be scratched without penalty in the event of hot weather.

The policy is continually reviewed and updated with the latest update taking effect from 1 November 2016. Click on the link below to view the full policy.



Fido’s Closasole 10kg Broadspectrum Worker

Swab Positive Chemical: Levamisole

Product: Fido’s Closasole 10kg Broadspectrum Wormer for Dogs and Cats.

Available from: Garrard’s Horse & Hound, Albion Park Raceway, General Pet supply Stores.

Use: Control of Roundworm, Hookworm, and tapeworm, but not heartworm or hydratids.

This product contains Levamisole, which will contravene the following rules:

GA83 (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound– (a) nominated to compete in an Event; (b) presented for a satisfactory, weight or whelping trial or such other trial as provided for pursuant to these Rules; or (c) presented for any test or examination for the purpose of a period of incapacitation or prohibition being varied or revoked, shall present the greyhound free of any prohibited substance.

This chemical is also listed in the GA rule R1 Definitions: ‘Exempted substance’ includes the following substance(s) that are exempted from being prohibited substances: 1. Ethyloestrenol when administered orally to a greyhound bitch and where it has been prescribed by a veterinary surgeon for the sole purpose of regulating or preventing oestrus in that bitch. 2. Antimicrobials (antibiotics) and other anti-infective agents with the exception of procaine penicillin 3. Antiparasitics approved and registered for the use on canines, with the exception of Levamisole and its metabolites when detected in a sample taken from a greyhound. 4. Vaccines against infectious agents